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Enforce or Encourage to upload photo, complete profile

Sat Jun 11, 2016 4:11 am

Case Study:
Currently my site using urban and have population around 1200 members. My site less than 6 months old. From this 90% are male. 95+% haven't completed their About me, Interests, and Personal (height weight, etc) Information.
After I enforced profile photo to use the site. Many males uploading there profile photos , at the same time many users get discouraged by this and never return after registration. This rate may be over 40%, never even verify the email. Specially ladies are discourage by this enforcing this profile , photo update. Since I have lower female population every one of them are important for me.

Nobody like controlling them.

Lets encourage or manipulate our users to create a great profile.

Instead Enforcing them to upload a photo, lets Encourage,
1) our user population has users with photos (p1 users) and without photos (p0 users).
2) First when a user upload a photo we also create a totally unrecognizable digitized or blurred version set of photos. and saved separately for male and female.*a
3) Now for p1 users can see any public photo of p1 user, and for p0 user profile we display a random blurred image (according to gender, from our blurred version of photos of p1 users) as their thumbnail or main photo. Also we put a button "Request Photo" (similar to private access) so p1 user can click this button and p0 user get a message saying Something like "Hi I like your profile, would love to see a your photo, can you please upload a photo?"
4) When p0 user visit any user profile (p1 or p0) they only see the blurred photos with a message saying, "please upload your photo to view this members photo"
5) this is only for public photos, anyone can view private photos as usual without blurring.

Idea is let new users think everyone in this site has a photo except me, so this encourage them to upload a photo.
On the other hand site look much neat and looks like everyone has a photo.

Similarly we can do this for About me, Interested In and personal (height weight) Info, We can hide these fields and only display users who only enter their information. For example we set a rule About me field must be at-least 100 chars. and will users need to fill there About me to view others.
Also Personal Info (height Weight ect ) need to be at least 50% complete to view others...

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