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Several suggestions

Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:27 am

There are several suggestions .... not if I have to put together a post for each or put everything here ... so here they go

Auto mail: To greet a user on his birthday
Auto mail: Alert you BIRTHDAYS users in your city or country.
Auto mail: Alert new user registration in my area

Private photos: ... that can be seen only if given permission, no matter whether it is friend or not. Currently the friends can view private photos and do not always want it to be so.

Admin: From the Admin see who is online.

Admin: From the admin to activate the e-mails are not confirmed.

Improve a little part of the account settings ... the designer must have missed that day! :lol:

I am here to ... to select more than one option

Favorites system .. to add users favorites without having to make friends.

Special gifts. Which they can only be sent by those who have super power.

Mail domain block. You can not register anyone with a particular domain such :shock: :lol:

More info on the users table .. example.. if online, credits, if the mail is confirmed, has few pictures, etc.

Photo Approval. monitor and approve or not all photos .. or just those that are marked private

Edit photos from the admin: So as you can delete a photo from a user, I'd be good for a picture "uncomfortable" can be made private from the admin

:idea: Please .. a referral system ... that by inviting 100 users and these are registered, the user who made the invitation earn x amount of credits or membership days ... and of course, you see a table in the admin users who made few invitations and registration is completed .... I said but I say again lol

It's all for now .. lol hope you understand, but the blame lies google translator. (Not sure if you can put things in Spanish here)

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Re: Several suggestions

Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:34 am

Hi, those are some great suggestions. My name is Ashton. I'm actually about to build another site at . Its for beer enthusiasts. Anyways, I paid a developer $600 to build my Mobile form processor with "Interests" in it (Like the Web version does), which is extremely useful for the mobile users. Go to my site, register an account, and check it out at: I'm telling you this because I want to sell these files/forms to 2 other members to offset my cost ($200 for each of us). I really don't want any other users to have it. It keeps our product unique. You can email me at or skype me at ashtoncox1970 if you're interested. Thanks.

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