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I think it will describe the member better if they can rate how much they love a particular interest. The layout of interests right now looks like a member for example likes kiss and hiking equally or all thirteen interests just in one group with no particular ones standing out.

Is it possible to put a rating meters with numbers or colors signifying high or low interest and two or three buttons to show weather he or she (Music) plays an instrument / listener ; (Sports) play sports / fan ; etc...

and inside each rated interests, lets say button for sports is red and the music button is green meaning the person is more into sports than music and the Sports- button will show that the person " play sports" and is also a "Fan" but the Music- button is only marked as "Listener".
Then in each button they can now put words and phrases in a small box pulling out their honest and strongest sportsperson like 1- cycling 2- baseball 3- Go Lakers!!!!***$$$!!!

Thank you for your time. I would like to put up my own dating site in the near future and I have a couple of ideas for features like actual tangible gifts and paid for meet up etc.... I hope you can work with me on that. Thanks again

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