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Pages load with ajax instead of reloading the whole page on apps

Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:52 am

Dear Developers

I asked one thing in this thread

But there you said try to make a new thread for new topic so its easy to understand. So here I am now making the new thread for the topic. I will just copy past the content from that thread.

I asked you there;

Please try to make the native apps, for both Android & ISO, because native apps runs faster than the webview apps.

My site is great neat clean and fast when we use on the computers but my site really not that good when use on the phones. Even on the latest phones site runs slow specially loading new people and all the features are not so good and faster as on the desktop version work.

Then forum admin replied me with this;
Badoo's app is 100% webview, crosswalk project to beexact. Html or native does not influence the speed. The data still needs to be downloaded from the web, the photos, the texts etc. The thing is we need to put everything into one page, this way it will be faster, because everything will be rendered with ajax, without reloading the page. Badoo's app works like this.

Then I replied again;
Thanks for the great answer. I thought all the webview apps are slow and only native apps can run faster. But I agree with you now and you are right, if everything is on one page and everything will be rendered with ajax system.
I hope you will also try to make that in your next release specially for the Apps. I really like the desktop version that is great and faster. I would love to see the Mobile Apps also run faster & smoother same as other XYZ big dating apps

Then forum admin replied again;
For each feature request please create a separate thread, now it is impossible to understand anything here :D

I hope now you understand what I want :) Just everything on one page for mobile apps so everything will be rendered with ajax, without reloading the page. It will make the apps faster & smoother.

As its so irritating right now, slow and sometimes stuck in the middle. I can see in my App consul more than 700 people downloaded my app and only around less than 50 are using it right now.
Please if you try to focus more on apps and make it like other badoo, skout etc type apps which loads smoother & faster would be great and people would come back again and again on the app.

There is no doubt, your desktop version is awesome & super fast, loving it. Hope you will try to work on improving apps as well.

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