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Match and Chat

Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:39 pm

This would be good for mobile

Once registered you’ll see others searching for their perfect spouse nearby in Discover. Tap Yes Like if you think they are suitable for you or No Pass to skip.

If someone Likes you back, you’ll both be notified of the Match and can Chat send message instantly

like u can setup in option >>Encounters<<


1:In encounters u get man or woman pic

2:if the woman click on Yes to man pic and the man click on Yes then the both can start chat send message

3: if woman click on Yes but the man click on No then the cant Start Chat or send message

4: when woman and man click yes and the chat then woman or man like to Un-match the user then no 1 can chat or send message agin the click on Match agin

why so its keep safe and more clean for woman and man so if he don't like person then that person woman or man cant start chat or message u this will keep your website clean safe easy

why people delete account for most website man or woman is that so many fake and if every 1 can start chat send message from let sa 15000 pepole then woman or man going to see has junk that will put lot people off from your website .

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