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Chameleon is really out dated

Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:58 pm

I have noticed it has been a while since last upgrade and update . I still see users are sending photos and it needs manual verification . I waisted so much time going through these photos. it is time to turn FREE dating site to PAID . the only way to cut this crap and get to the point is right of the bat in registration process ask for payment with out going through activation process. This way users who intend to pay will pay and leave. I don't have any paying members since they come and brows , spam and go. I want to be able to have control and without waisting time only allow paying users to access. I know you can restrict the usage of features but it dose not work , people simply don't pay any more once the get in the site for FREE. The example of successful paid site is which require you to pay before completing the registration and I think this way you stop spammers and scammers from the beginning without collecting useless members information . At lease you need to add this option to the site. NO PAY NO Registration

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