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User Account Delete

Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:52 pm

can you make the next update with an option like the blow

when user delete account from website or the app (right now its delete account for that user)
but can you make so when user delete account this put that user account on disable mode why
because if the user owns the money or the user been abuse other members by delete account he will delete all the information then admin cant gets that information when a user deletes the account.

so be nice to have a system when user delete the account that account get offline mode when admin login the can see all the delete request and so no user can see that member and the user who delete account cant login its show when a user tries to log in ( this user account whiting to delete)

why whiting to be deleted so admin can download that user information with all the chat history to save on computer keep that information >>>why because like some site keep user data for up to 2/3 year for record keep and to keep so if the law need then the can use that data

overall all this is for so when user delete account the admin get request then admin if like save user data for record keep then delete the account from the server

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