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Chameleon 5.2 need some more option

Thu May 20, 2021 6:20 pm

1 i like to say the 5.2 update layout workout is 100% best thanks for your work :)

but you no and all user who read this will like to have the option add to give admin more option to play with

******** New messaging system in the Admin CP *************
will be nice so that any user connect to Admin
Admin when replay back have 2 option

A: send replay by Email
(if admin click on this option user get replay back by email address the use)

b: Send replay to chat ( if admin click on this option user get replay back by Chat window where user see all the people he been talking to

its will show like image of website and show Admin name (in all user chat window by defult ) here all the admin message will show to users

c: send replay by both email/chat
with this replay will go both why by email and all so by chat this is good if user don't have access to the app or email

****** Profile fields - Orientation ************

will be nice if the admin can all so make new ( Group) fileds why so we can set each filed with the group we like to link with or make them right now admin cant make Group filed

********* selfie Photo Approval ***********
for all user that uses the app, this option will make look like the big names like tinder other use

1: when the user signup up its ask the user to take is selfie how to work blow re

a: member signup the get option where he most Takes selfie not upload a photo but take a selfie
b: that selfie photo go to admin (where its has its own page to show user taken selfie)
c: admin can reject or accept selfie
d: if admin rejects selfie the member get message ill them selfie reject the most take other when user click ok its take the member to selfie page agin
e: user cant use app like exp(chat to user,find match) till admin accept the member selfie

all this so we can cut off fake user much we can keep the website safe clean and when people see this option
you get some paid member coming in why becuse its look more safe

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